Thursday, 17 November 2011

Family Members

 Ishe wa larha :the father of my father
 Ishe wa nyama: my ,other’s father
 Bashakulwe: my granparents
 Nnina wa larha : the mother of my father
 Nnina wa nyama: my mother’s mother
 Ababusi banni: my parents
 Larha: my father
 Nyama: my mother
 Mwali wabo larha: my father’s sister
 Bali babo larha: my father’s sisters
 Mukulu wa nyama:my mother’s elder sister
 Bakulu ba nyama:bakulu ba nyama
 Munyama: my aunt; mother’s young sister
 Ba Munyama: my aunts; mother’s young sisters
• Nyamalume: my uncle
 Mukulu wani: my grand mother
 Bakulu banni: my elders
 Mulumuna wanni:my young brother or sister
 Balumuna banni:
 Mushinja wani
 Bashinja banni
 Mwali wirhu:our sister
 Bali birhu: our sisters
 Mwana (bana): child (children)
 Mwana wani: my child
 Bana bawe: your children
 Bana bani: my children
 Mwana wawe: your child
 Mwana wage: his child
 Mwana wirhu: our child
 Mwana winyu: your child
 Kulerha: to bring, to furnish, to supply, to cause
 Murho : younger; youngster
 Nyâma: Mom, Mum, my mother
 Mukanie: my wife
 Mukawe: your wife
 Ibanie: my husband
 Balo: your husband
 Iba: her husband

Nyama: meat

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