Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Interference Syndrom

 Interference Syndrom

Interference Syndrom (or the French for Syndrome d’ InterfĂ©rence or Syndrome d'IngĂ©rence) is an administrative disease that characterizes people who go beyond their job descriptions, usurping the power, trying to please their line supervisors and managers, but by violating the rights of their colleagues in relation to their job descriptions, through their tendency to be seen as the man who did it all without the participation of his colleagues and on behalf of them.

People suffering from such a disease may be at risk of developing a kind of Occupational Rage, making them people with conflict within the group and as a result, jeopardizing the proper functioning of the administrative system.


To remedy this poison, the patient must first demonstrate knowledge of his duties, the limitations of his role and, especially, cultivate discipline, selflessness, humility toward all, and collaboration. He should also know that there will always be someone who knows more than he does in his field.