Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Days of the week in Mashi/Shi Language


"Mashi" or "Shi language" is a language spoken in the Bushi Kingdom, that is by thousands of Bashi, as their mother tongue -and even as vernacular language in some areas- in Kabare, Ngweshe, Kaziba, Nindja, part of Kalehe( Kalonge, ...), Mwenga Territory(especially, in Luhwindja, Burhinyi, etc.), Sud-Kivu Province, Democratic Republic Of the Congo.

Of the words that seem not to be used by many a speaker of the present language, there are:
- The days of the week
- The Months of the year

You will note that they prefer saying for example: the first day/month isnstead of Monday/January.

For this reason, some data relating to the days of the week and the months of the year have been collected with the purpose of preserving this cultural heritage.

Ensiku z'omugobe/The Days of the Week

  • Mugobe: Monday

  • Ifululira: Tuesday

  • Ciduhu: Wednesday

  • Ishenyera: Thursday

  • Luwinda: Friday

  • Kashwera: Saturday

  • Luzira: Sunday
Ensiku zo zihima ononera:


  • Olusiku: (a) day

  • Ensiku:(some) days

  • Ene: today

  • Njo: Yesterday

  • Lishinjo: before yesterday

  • Irhondo: tomorrow

  • Lusirhondo: after tomorrow

  • Irhondo sezi: tomorrow morning

  • Irhondo mushi: tomorrow during the day

  • Irhondo bijingo: Tomorrow evening

Please find the english translation of the following proverb: "Ensoku zo zihima ononera"


  1. Good beginning Shomsaf. Add more translations.

  2. Mashi is my mother-tongue
    I am so much pleased

  3. I like that. I feel even pride of being Mushi.

  4. Happy to get this information, proud of our Mashi laungage.

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  6. Hi JJ, this is Good initiative can assit by putin more of mashi transations. Koko mwenedata .